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Working with Projects

This section explains how to create new projects and write great project prompts.

Writing Archie Prompts: Best Practices

When you create a new project, you start by answering the question "What do you want to build?". Archie uses this information to build your Digital Blueprint.

Archie is an AI-solution architect. Your initial project prompt is not the same as other AI chatbot prompts, where you can ask the chatbot to “Pretend you are an executive assistant and create an email template.” You cannot ask Archie to “pretend to be a genius app developer and give me ideas that will make me rich”. You are the genius, and Archie is helping you turn your idea into an actionable plan.

Archie uses everything you type into the prompt to realize your project. The more information you provide, the better your results. Here are some best practices for writing initial project descriptions:

  • Explain who will be using your product or service. For example, a fitness app might have these four user types: New to Exercise, Casual Exerciser, Professional Athlete, and Fitness Coach. Each of these user types has different needs. Archie can use this information to develop your Application Services and Modules.
  • Explain how your idea is different from similar existing products. What makes your idea unique and stand out? For example: “An application that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the oral health of dogs and provide local veterinary recommendations."
  • Describe high-level key features you know are critical to your project. For example: “An application that will allow users to register their pet, track their dog's oral health, and receive tips on keeping their dog's teeth clean.” This will help Archie better understand the focus and goal of the project.
  • Describe any limitations or requirements for demographics if your idea has them. For example: “An application that will allow users in the United States to register their pet." This gives Archie a better understanding of the demographics you are trying to reach.
  • Explain your desired design style. It can be something simple like: “A clean, serious application with lots of whitespace, used by government employees.” Or maybe “A fun colorful app for kids with lots of interactive elements.”
  • Do not ask questions in the prompt. They will be ignored. You can ask Archie questions after your Digital Blueprint is generated. Similarly, do not write things like: “Complete this sentence: My project will succeed because…”
  • Do not input contradictory information. For example: “This app will be free but also require a paid subscription.” It is true that your project is in the planning stages and some decisions have not been finalized. But it is best to clear, specific information, and update your project later.

Asking Archie to Improve your Prompt

If you want help with your prompt, click Improve my Prompt. A dialog will open showing your original prompt and Archie’s suggested changes. Archie's changes will:

  • Incorporate all elements from the original prompt.
  • Clearly articulate the core problem or need that the application idea is addressing.
  • Make evident the primary user persona the application idea is targeting.
  • Provide a clear vision of what a successful application would look like.

Creating a New Project

  1. In the left sidebar, click Projects. This will open the Projects list. Click the New Project button. Projects list page
  2. The New Project page will open. Archie new projects prompt page
  3. In the text box, type in your project prompt. This is the description of your project. Archie prompt box
  4. Click Improve My Prompt to view Archie's suggested modifications to your prompt. A dialog will open showing your original prompt and the suggested changes. You can accept these changes, cancel, or retry. Archie suggesting improvements to a prompt
  5. When done, click Send.

Archie will generate a Digital Blueprint for your project. For information about updating your Blueprint, see Updating Blueprints.

You can upgrade your project by having Archie help generate your application's requirements. For more information, see Updating Requirements.