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Updating Digital Blueprints

Once your Blueprint is generated, you can update your project prompt and most fields.

Project Prompt

You can edit your project description in the prompt at the top. Click Re-Ignite when you are done and Archie will rebuild your entire Blueprint. You can also chose to Improve My Prompt.

Archie blueprint prompt box

Problem to be Solved

This section has text boxes where you can add or remove content. Click Propagate to save your changes and update connected components.

Solution and AI Enablement Ideas

In the Solution section, most fields are editable text boxes.

You can also add AI Enablement Ideas to your project. These are AI implementation suggestions generated by Archie.

  1. Expand the Solution section. Click Improve My Solution Using AI Enablement Ideas. alt text
  2. A prompt with several project suggestions opens. All solutions are selected by default. Click on a suggestion to de-select it. In the example below, AI Enablement Ideas 1 and 3 are selected, and have a green border. Option 2 is not selected, and has a grey border. alt text
  3. Click Include AI Ideas. The next screen shows how your Solution Statement, Expected Benefits, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will change if you apply these AI ideas. alt text
  4. Click Retry to have Archie generate different results in this dialog. Click Accept & Propagate to include these changes and regenerate your Digital Blueprint.

AI Enablement Ideas are AI generated. They cannot be edited manually by users.

Application Type and Commercialization Model

These sections have dropdowns with several options.

  1. Click the dropdown and select the new option. Commercialization dropdown expanded
  2. Click Propagate. Commercialization section needs to be propagated

User Types and Modules

These sections are more complex. For example, each User Type has several inner elements. You can also add and delete entire User Types.

  1. Type into existing fields to update details. Click Delete to delete a User Type.
  2. Click Add to create a new User Type. User types section with only one user type
  3. Fill in the new User Type details. User types section with new entry
  4. Click Propagate.

Application Services

You can add or remove Application Services by clicking the tiles. Tiles with a dark border around them are included. Click Propagate to save your changes and update connected components.

Design Considerations


Design Considerations cannot be modified in the Digital Blueprint. They can be updated under Requirements.