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Navigating in Archie

The left sidebar contains Home, Projects, Documentation, Help, Contact Us, and your account settings.

left sidebar expanded


The Home page shows how many projects you are working on. You will also see pending tasks and project progress. The Learning Resources section provides links to documentation, the Archie website, and and

Homepage after authentication


The Projects page lists all of your projects and projects that have been shared with you.

Projects List in Archie


Click Documentation to open the official Archie documentation.


Click Help to read the Archie FAQ, watch training videos, and read the quick start guide.

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You can view your account settings by clicking the profile icon and clicking Account Settings at the bottom of the left sidebar. Account profile details page

Project Navigator

The Project Navigator provides a snapshot of all of the information related to a single project. Clicking on the ...See all in a card will bring you to that section.

Project Navigator overview

For example, on the Blueprint tab, if you go to the User Types card, and click ...See all # in User Types, Archie will bring you to that section of your Digital Blueprint.

Digital Blueprint

Every project starts with a Digital Blueprint.

Digital blueprint

A Digital Blueprint contains:

  • Problem to be Solved
  • Solution
  • Application Type
  • Commercialization Model
  • User Types
  • Modules
  • Application Services
  • Design Considerations


Your project's Requirements are on the left.

Requirements overview page

This module contains:

  • Overview
    • General
    • Design Considerations
    • Security
    • Compliance
    • Performance
  • User Types
  • Modules
  • Application Services
  • UX/UI
    • General
    • Accessibility
    • Site Map
    • Screens and wireframes